Nathan Madden


The gifts we were given should be explored,used, honed, and given back to the creator from which they came.


Join me as I have the honor and privilege of raising funds to travel to South Africa and Swaziland this spring! Thanks to everyone who is already making this trip happen. As a team we will be equipping, training and serving the local churches there and encouraging them as we extend our support to their efforts in outreach to the poorest of their nation.  I will be demonstrating the Kingdom of God through bringing people to a place of encountering Jesus’ face to face. We will be partnering with Iris Ministries as well as ministering in orphanages, villages, schools, brothels, and on the streets.

Click the Link below if you feel called to give! Blessings y'all!

I am beyond excited to go back to Africa! Getting to go to UGANDA last year was a dream and unbelievably life changing. Watch the video below of the trip!

Beautiful Child in UGANDA photo by Nathan Madden

Beautiful Child in UGANDA photo by Nathan Madden